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The World’s Most Elaborately Furnished Stores

When you walk into a store, it's often easy to work out its target clientele. The fixtures and fittings, the number of items for sale and the decor all contribute to the look and feel that the store is aiming to project and this usually gives you a good idea of whether it's a shop that's mass market orientated or one that caters to higher end customers. Often, the most elaborately furnished stores are the ones with the highest price tags!

If you want a peek into some of the most sumptuous stores that cater to the rich and famous, take a look at the examples we've listed below.


House of Bijan, Beverly Hills, USA

Known as the world's most expensive store, those who shop here (by appointment only) will find themselves walking into a super-stylish menswear store packed with rare works of art and antiques, sumptuous sofas, gleaming marble floors and a seriously impressive chandelier crafted from perfume bottles. It's a store that's clearly designed both for elegance and comfort, with much of the premises resembling a plush living room rather than a clothing shop.


Zhongshuge Bookstores, Hangzhuou, China

Opened in 2016, this bookstore was designed by XL-MUS and is filled with optical illusions which give the sense of never-ending space - mirrored ceilings give the impression of even greater height! The shelves are designed like steps, so there is somewhere to sit as you flick through your potential purchases. Some areas of the store are darker, some are bright white with clean lines, and the children's reading room is a riot of shapes and colours, with shelves designed with fairground rides like merry-go-rounds and rollercoasters.


The Candy Room, Melbourne, Australia

Design-wise, sweet shops tend to fall into two categories: the traditional, and the fun and playful. Melbourne's The Candy Room is definitely the latter. Designed to bring out the inner child in every shopper, its simple white walls feature child-like paintings and the attractive displays of sweets… well, they speak for themselves!


Eliseevsky Store, Moscow, Russia

This beautiful Art Deco building is home to one of the most attractive grocery stores in the world. Eliseevsky is over 115 years old and has moved to a different location in recent years, but its design is just as impressive as ever. Step inside and you'll see that the shelving and other display units blend seamlessly with the rich, ornate decor of the building. With its chandeliers, stucco ornaments and the meticulous planning that's clearly gone into its layout, you'll feel more like you're in a palace than a supermarket.


From looking at these examples, it's clear that the retailers in question have huge budgets which they're happy to splash out on their store furnishings. However, the great news is that you don't have to spend millions to impress your target market - it's all about the fixtures and fittings you choose.


With over 30 years' experience, KAS Shopfittings provides reliable shop fittings that will endorse your retail endeavours… no matter what you are selling! Give us a call to see how we can help get your retail establishment well and truly on the map.

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