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10 Ways that Clever Merchandising can Increase Sales

Looking for a lift in your sales figures? While discount vouchers, advertising and other marketing strategies can help, your store layout can make a huge difference too. Never underestimate the value of point-of-sale displays, as when actioned correctly, they can offer your retail store a whole host of benefits. Here are ten to start you off.


1. The right layout = more convenient shopping

Take an objective look at your current store layout. Is it organised sensibly? Is it easy for customers to find what they're looking for and browse associated products? Is there any confusion that may turn people off and send them elsewhere? A well-laid out store will give customers a positive experience and potentially prolong their dwell time.


2. Appeal from outside

A-frames and appropriate and appealing window displays will catch shoppers' eyes and entice them into your store. Use your A-frames to advertise special offers, on-trend products, tastings or demos, etc. to lure them in.


3. Choose colours wisely

Different colours have different meanings - choose your colour scheme wisely. If you're looking to catch people's attention, the colour red is the perfect way to get them to look closer and to highlight sales or special offers.


4. Use bargain bins

Consumers love to save money and clearly labelled bargain bins - or dump bins - that highlight your current bargains will attract plenty of attention. For an even greater chance of success, position them where customers can rummage when they're queueing to pay.


5. Don't forget the point of purchase

In Tesco, you'll find mints and chocolate bars by the tills. In Aldi, it's antibacterial gel and paracetamol and in Primark it's hair ties and toiletries. Give your customers low priced, useful or regularly used items to look at while they're queueing to pay, and you'll be amazed at how many throw a couple into their basket en route.


6. Think about lighting

In addition to your standard ceiling lighting, have you considered more individual solutions to highlight individual products or ranges? Accent lighting like this works particularly well in areas such as shelves lower to the ground, which may not attract as much attention as those closer to eye level.


7. Suggest complementary products

Consider grouping products together: in clothing shops, for example, teaming a shirt with trousers and shoes that go together may increase the chance of selling an entire outfit, rather than just a single item. Try including unique combinations that will encourage shoppers to use their imagination and hunt around for other options they can pair.


8. Think about heights and angles

Rather than displaying goods in straight lines that are neatly stacked (as in supermarket aisles), try something different to catch attention. Angle products at 90 degrees to make it easier for customers to interact with them and experiment with varying heights to catch their eye.


9. Incorporate technology

Can you use sound to accompany any of your products? Could you use screens to demonstrate product usage or other materials? Giving customers an easy to understand means of visualising how the product works can boost the sales of specific items.


10. Boost new products

If you're stocking a new product or range that you want to promote, POS can help. Place new products at the end of aisles or on standalone displays to make them stand out and consider having a specific area of your store dedicated to new products, so consumers always know where to look for the latest offers.


It's clear that a focus on point-of-sale merchandising can lead to huge rewards in terms of increased sales, promoting specific products you're hoping to shift, and generally improving the customer experience. If you're looking to maximise on your POS potential, speak to us at KAS Shopfittings. From shelving to stacking baskets and card racks to clothes hangers, we have everything you need to wow your customer base. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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