Shop Shelving - Evolve S50i

Shelving You Can Trust

  • Evolve S50i system - Approved by major UK retailers
  • We have stocked & supplied quality shelving for 30 years
  • Compatible with major 50mm slot pitch systems
  • Available in industry standard widths - 125cm, 100cm, 80cm and 66.5cm
  • Shelf depths are 20cm, 25cm , 30cm, 37cm, 47cm, 57cm, 67cm
  • Height from 1.2m up to 3.0m.
  • Strong - 120kg per shelf on standard bracket & up to 230kg per shelf with HD bracket
  • Vast range of accessories available
  • Customisable - custom colours; or combine with slatwall or unslotted timber panels, etc
  • Great for Merchandiser Units
  • View our Evolve Ideas Gallery for inspiration
    Evolve Shop Shelving Wall Bay

    Wall Bays

    Some example wall bays to which you
    add your choice of shelves, hooks, etc...

    Shop Shelving Gondola

    Gondola Bays

    Some example gondolas to which you
    add your choice of shelves, hooks, etc...

    Shop Shelving Parts

    Component Parts

    If you know what you are looking for
    dive in to our parts list...

    Price Strips

    Shelf Edge Price Strips

    A choice of colours & lengths, plus a
    range of wood infills for a different look...

    Shelf Risers & Dividers

    Risers & Dividers

    Choose from clear or toothed plastic
    chrome wire, high, low....

    Shelving Slatwall Combination

    Slatwall/Shelving Combi

    Combine slatwall panels with shelving
    system for truly flexible display...

    Magazine & Newspaper Shelves

    Magazine / News / Cards

    Dedicated solutions in tough PETG
    & steel for ultimate clarity & strength...

    Shelving End Panels

    End Panels & Cladding

    Add panels to change the look and/or
    create space for promo messages...

    Colour Options

    Standard colours are Jura White or Silver
    Other RAL colours can be done...

    Produce Shelves

    Produce Display

    Shelves for fruit & veg
    baskets & trays ...


    Headers / Sign Holders

    Sign holders for branding & messages
    standard size or custom-made...

    Shelving Marchandiser Units

    Merchandiser Units

    Dedicated info for distributors
    looking for display stands...

    Back bars & D Rails

    Back Bars & Accessories

    Oval back bars, hooks and arms
    Rectangular back bars, D Rails...

    Installation Guide (pdf)

    Click to view installation guide
    (opens a new tab)

    Peg hooks and accessories

    Peg Hooks

    Single prong & euro loop
    choice of sizes...


    Further Information on Shop Shelving

    In the last few years the retail shelving market has changed with numerous branded and unbranded systems appearing of varying quality and price. We only supply quality shop shelving with a proven track record. We have found the cheaper systems have quality issues - inconsistent paint quality, poorly fitting back panels and lack of load test data among them. Our shelving uses industry standard bay widths and shelf sizes. It is compatible with all the major 50mm slot pitch systems and a wide variety of 3rd party manufactured accessories are available to enhance your shelving.

    Evolve S50i shelving system is suited to any retail environment where some degree of weight-bearing capability is required. It is widely used by the major supermarkets as well as convenience stores, hardware and garden centres, pharmacies, pet shops and builders merchants.

    Shelves on standard brackets can take up to 120kg and up to 230kg on heavy duty brackets. Every shelf can tilt for sloping displays using either chrome wire or acrylic risers and dividers. Brackets are available to take wood or glass shelves and special solutions are available for magazines and cards.

    For hanging merchandise there is a choice of perforated peg panels, slatted panels, or chrome back bars. Garments can be displayed on D rails or forward-facing saddle arms, either horizontal or sloping.

    For shops where a softer look is required as well as strength this shelving can be combined with other materials such as slatwall and timber cladding panels in a range of finishes. Shelving comes in two standard colours - Jura (off white RAL9001) and Silver (RAL9006). We can also powder-coat in any RAL colour.

    Heights range from 1.2m through to 3.0m. There are 4 possible bay widths or 'modules' - 66.5cm, 80cm, 100cm & 125cm. Shelf depths range from 20cm through to 67cm.

    We hold over 70 pallets of shelving in stock at any one time for rapid delivery throughout the UK.

    Installation Advice

    Evolve S50i shelving is quick and easy to install.

    Standard bays require minimal tools - mallet, spirit level and 10mm spanner for adjusting the levelling feet.

    For wall bays over 1.8m high we recommend that at least one wall fixing bracket is used per column. There are two types of wall-fixing bracket; standard bracket fixes column flush to the wall; the adjustable bracket has a 30cm long threaded rod that allows the column to stand clear of obstructions such as skirtings, pipes, structural pillars, etc. The threaded rod can be cut to suit the desired clearance.

    Buying Guide for Shop Shelving

    Any shelving that you purchase needs to strong enough to cope with the weight of your merchandise when fully stocked. This will vary depending on the products but a gondola can easily have 200-400kg per bay each side so a shelf failure can lead to serious injury and expense. Shops selling bulk food cans and pet feeds, alcoholic & soft drinks in bulk, as well as DIY/hardware merchants (especially paint retailers) need to be particularly mindful of this.

    We supply industry standard 50mm slot pitch shelving system that you can trust with consistent quality and testing. Comprehensive weight loadings are available and we can advise on the appropriate grade of column and shelf bracket. If you are considering purchasing shop shelving ask about weight-loadings and test data.

    Designing a Shop Shelving Layout

    Usually it's a good idea to do a sketch of your space, ideally to scale. Using as few bays as possible can save money e.g. a 5m run can be covered two ways - 4 x 125cm bays or 5 x 100cm bays. The 1st option uses fewer parts so could easily cost £150 less for the same coverage. Mix up the sizes to achieve the best fit e.g. a 3.2m run can be 2 x 125cm + 1 x 66.5cm = 3.17m. In all cases add 3cm to each run to allow for thickness of the last column so 3.17m becomes 3.2m. Bear in mind that the smaller bays 66.5cm and 80cm are more expensive per metre so use sparingly.

    For double-sided units (gondolas) the base sizes are such that each standard module size can become a matching gondola end unit (these are the shelving units at the end of a gondola that are great for promotions and hotspots). A gondola with 30cm base shelves each side requires a a 66.5cm gondola end, 37cm shelves each side suits a 80cm gondola end, 47cm shelf gondola matches 100cm end, and 57cm shelves each side suit a 125cm gondola end.

    You should allow for minimum isle widths of 91.5cm (36") for wheelchair access. At a pinch point e.g with a column or counter this can reduce to 81.5cm (32").

    Note that the final finished height of a unit is usually about 4cm higher than the column size e.g 1.3m will be 1.34m when installed. This is due to the added height of the levelling feet, and allows for some variations in the floor level.