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Add-on Gondola Bay - 1.3m high, plain back, 57cm deep base, Choice of lengths...

£128.00 +vat
PRODUCT ID: GB-APL-125-13-57
Choose Width
  • Add-on gondola bay 1.3m high with plain back panels.
  • 57cm deep base each side, 125cm wide overall.
  • This unit must join on to another gondola bay.
  • Choose the length - 125, 100, 80 or 66.5cm.
  • Use 'Add-on' bays to extend the run to any length.
  • A variety of shelves, back bars and accessories can be added.
  • 1.3m columns x 1.
  • Base legs x 2 @ 57cm deep.
  • All necessary back panels.
  • Gondola top cover.
  • Base shelf 57cm deep x 2.
  • Kickplate x 2.
Not Included