Colour Chart and Materials

For counters, slatwall and melamine shelves

This chart is an approximation of our finishes. Obviously there may be variations between computer screens so if you need an exact match please ask for a sample.

Melamine Finishes

Used for our standard range of slatwall and counters. Durable enough for most needs and cost effective, but a relatively limited range of colours. If you require a different colour or a tougher surface consider a laminate, Marmoleum or solid surfacing - details below.....

Laminate Finishes

Specify a laminate where you need a colour that isn't available in melamine or you need a tougher surface. Laminate comes in a huge range of finishes and many of the manufacturers have a sample service. We often use a coloured laminate as an accent panel on the front of counters or as harder top surface where it's extra thickness compared to melamine is an advantage. Laminated boards can also be slotted to make slatwall. Here are links to just some that are available (links will open a new window):


Solid colours and woodgrains all on one chart here.


View the Formica range of Solid Colours and Woodgrains

Abet Laminati

Available in Solid Colours and Woodgrains


Wood finishes, solid colours, stone and metallics here.


An excellent choice for a tough and good-looking counter top. This 3mm thick floor covering is often used on post office counters and is warm, tactile and hard-wearing. It is environmentally friendly as it is made from 97% natural ingredients such as linseed oil, wood & paper pulp. It is coloured all the way through so surface scratches do not show up. Tough enough for trade counters, glamourous enough for department stores, it makes a great writing surface as it yields slightly under pressure. Available in a range of colours with a subtled marble pattern to compliment woods or solid colours - see manufacturer's Marmoleum website for the full colour range (link opens a new window)

Hanex Solid Surfacing

The ultimate counter-top. Seamless joints, waterproof, durable, hygenic, lasts forever. Frequently specified for high traffic areas such garage forecourt shops, supermarkets, food serveries and transport hubs as well as hotel reception desks and bathrooms. This is a man-made acrylic material that often resembles granite tarrazzo or marble finishes but is also available in solid colours. Can be cut, routed and machined, bent and jointed. Very hard surface, should any scrathes or dents occur they can be polished out to restore the surface to new condition. View available colour range on Hanex website (link opens a new window)