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Slatwall Panels, Inserts & Trims

Slatwall panels are the retailer's favourite. Versatile display and good looks.

Slatwall panels normally in stock in two sizes: 120 x 120cm (approx 4ft x 4ft) or 240h x 120cm wide (approx 8ft x 4ft). Choose from 22 different finishes to compliment & enhance your retail space. Coloured PVC inserts slide or clip-in to the slatwall grooves - they add strength and provide the finishing touch. Aluminium Inserts are even stronger, last forever, never out of fashion and suit contemporary or classic themes. A range of trims covers any exposed edges. An extensive range of hooks, arms, shelves & other slatwall fittings fit into the slots enabling merchandise of all shapes and sizes to be displayed.

Slatwall Inserts - PVC - Cream

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Cream Slatwall Insert 120cm long. Made from PVC. Looks great with Ash, Maple or Cream Slatwall Panels. 23 inserts required per 2.4 x 1.2m panel wi...

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Original price £0.55 +vat - Original price £0.55 +vat
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Not all slatwall is the same..

Our slatwall panels are:

Made from UK sourced boards

Made from dense Deep-Router Specification MDF with a Melamine face

Slotted in the UK.

There are slatwall boards on the market that are using inferior, less durable, thin-foil finishes and some imported from the Far East using inferior spec mdf. We have been offered these boards in bulk and the density of the MDF (and therefore the strength) is less - you can tell by the weight of each board. They might be OK for a temporary christmas shop or short-term lease but don't expect years of use.

Installation Advice

As former shop fitters we have installed 1000s of slatwall panels. Here's some tips:

Slatwall is usually best fixed to vertical timber battens at 60cm centres. Although this takes a little time initially, subsequent fitting of the slatwall panels is easier, quicker & neater.

If you do choose to fit the slatwall direct to the wall then you may find the vertical joints are uneven - the flatest looking walls are never perfect. There are plastic H joining sections that cover the join but be aware that colours are a bit limited and these need to be built-in as the boards are fitted. If you have used battens then you should have a neat pencil-line butt joint. Of course you can use the H joining strips if in doubt.

Slide most of the inserts into the slatwall, leaving out top, bottom and middle (1.2 x 1.2); and top, bottom and 3 equally spaced (2.4 x 1.2). Screw through the slot (no need to pre-drill) with a suitably sized counter-sunk screw (suggest 3.5 x 25mm for battens) - should be 3 per slot.

PVC inserts will clip-in over the top hiding the screws. Aluminium inserts should slide over the top of the screws but where there isn't access to the side of the slatwall panel all the inserts are fitted and the aluminium insert has to be drilled and a silver-coloured screw used which remains on show.

Tip: remember to allow for floors that aren't level. If you start touching the floor at a low point you will have to cut the bottom of every panel to keep them level. It's usually best to start at a high point leaving a shadow gap.


MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
A panel made from wood fibers that are "cooked" and mixed with a synthetic resin and bonded under high heat and pressure. The finished panel is both hard and smooth. However, The quality of the resin, the particle size and the process involved can produce boards that are higher specification and more suited to fine machining. We use deep-route specification mdf, which is denser, producing clean edges when machined. The surface is completely smooth; on inferior boards the more fibrous surface will chip and tear even when covered in melamine. These defects may not be immediately visible when machined, but become apparent later.

Melamine (Low-pressure Laminate)
This is a resin-impregnated paper that is applied to a board with a combination of heat and pressure that melts the resin into the MDF, creating a hard, durable surface. The most common low-pressure laminate is called Melamine which is named for the type of resin used.

Paper Thin Foil
As the name implies this a paper foil that is glued to a board using a cold process. Cheaper than melamine, it is widely used for domestic furniture.

Slatwall Delivery - Important Information

Minimum quantity of 4 boards for palletised deliveries or palletised collections.

Delivery Charges - There is a minimum delivery charge of £59 for 1.2 x 1.2m and £99 for 2.4 x 1.2m. The exact cost depends on the delivery location and speed required - you can check delivery options and costs by adding to the basket and using our delivery cost estimator on the cart page of our website. Alternatively call or email for an exact quote. Remember to allow for waste on larger jobs to avoid having to order 1 or 2 more boards.

Tip: to save on delivery charges for a small number of 2.4 x 1.2m consider ordering 1.2 x 1.2m boards; they can join together halfway through a slot so the join is concealed when insert is used. Looks like 2.4 x 1.2 boards when finished. Also easier to unload & handle.

You are responsible for unloading! Drivers are not obliged to help with unloading so you will need to have adequate manpower. In practice many drivers will assist and sometimes a tail-lift vehicle is used so that the pallet can be left for you to unload at your leisure. Deliveries are made between 0800 and 1730hrs, sometimes via articulated lorry - you must advise us if there are restrictions on delivery times or restricted vehicle access. Deliveries will be made to kerbside if vehicle cannot get to within reasonable distance of premises. Failure to notify us of any of the above can result in failed delivery and re-delivery charges. If we know of any restrictions in advance we can usually find a way to deliver that is satisfactory to both parties. For instance, we can request that the driver calls 30 mins before delivery.

'Before 10am', 'Before Noon' and 'Saturday' deliveries are possible at extra cost - please contact us for a quotation for these delivery services.

Most of our slatwall deliveries are made via national pallet distribution networks and are transported in accordance with the Road Haulage Industry Terms & Conditions.

Further information for large boards: If you haven't handled large slatwall boards you may be surprised at how heavy & awkward to handle they are. For large amounts of slatwall delivered by lorry you will need two fit, strong people i.e. not those re-covering from recent heart operations, your mother , etc (yes, it has happened). This is so that the driver can slide the boards down off the lorry to two people. For small amounts or large amounts delivered in our own van one fit person will be required. If in doubt ask for more information or use 1.2 x 1.2m boards.