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Marketing Clothes: Effective Displays

Having the best shelving and other display equipment is a vital part of selling clothes in any retail environment. When you're a high street retailer, you have a major advantage over online stores, as customers can see your clothing in person and try outfits on.

Everyone's looking to enhance sales, so displaying your wares effectively is a must. A shop's eye-catching display can entice shoppers to browse, leading to potential sales. Turn casual browsers into customers by creating an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Clothes shopping

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While larger discount stores may get away with using basic rails and shelves, smaller retailers are up against tough competition and need to use shop fittings that will maximise space and enhance the shop's interior. If the clothes don’t look attractive on display, people are less likely to want to buy them.


Clothing rail

Rails enable people to browse at ease and are ideal for showcasing both women's and men's clothing. They have benefits for customers and the retailer: they keep garments looking good and they don't take up a massive amount of floor space. As long as they are not overfilled, they help prevent clothing from getting creased.

Items can be arranged according to size, brand, colour, or whichever way you prefer. They can be set at the perfect height for the average shopper and can help a customer who is pressed for time look through whole rows of garments very quickly.

They can hold a great deal of clothing considering their size and provide a great way of freeing up space in your store. Even small retail stores can accommodate a few good-size racks. They can also help market traders to display a lot of merchandise in a compact area.

Sturdy garment rails can withstand heavy weights over a period of time, while they are also mobile and can be easily moved around the shop if you want to change the layout.


Display shelves

Clothing retailers choose shelves to display garments which can be easily folded, such as jeans, T-shirts, shorts and accessories. Use stand-alone shelves throughout the shop so customers can walk and browse among them or have fixed shelves attached at various heights on the walls - when your display areas expand vertically up the walls, rather than horizontally on the shop floor, this saves a lot of space.

Bold colours attract attention and make items look more appealing, so display shelves with jeans next to shelves with a selection of brightly-coloured T-shirts that will complement them is common practice.

Commercial-grade chrome shelving is a popular choice, as it can be set at any height intervals. Retailers can custom-build it to their personal choice and have the option of adding garment rails and castors for greater variety and mobility.


Wall display systems

Shopping establishments of all sizes employ wall systems to display their wares - using the perimeter of the shop ensures wall space never goes to waste. It frees up more floor space, which is particularly useful if your shop is compact.

It can be challenging to get all your merchandise on display without it looking cramped, so wall display systems alleviate this problem. They can make it easier for customers to browse and can catch their attention when conveniently placed at eye-level.

High-end wall display racks can look elegant and sophisticated, particularly when paired with clothes hangers that complement the design.


Garment racks

Garment racks provide a powerful method of isolating and displaying stock with the goal of catching the customers' eye and making it easy for them to browse. Making things simple is a boon for sales!

If you work in a busy store, clothes racks can be a handy way of organising a special display quickly. For example, if you've just had a new range delivered, or the new season's stock, arranging it in a prominent area, as a stand-alone display on a garment rack, can be an effective way of merchandising.

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