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Marmoleum top for counters

£52.00 +vat
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Our counters have a melamine top as standard which is fine for most retail situations. Sometimes you need something tougher e.g  trade counter, high traffic area, etc.  We recommend Marmoleum which is up to the job but won't break the bank:
  • Very tough counter top 
  • Choose finish required from the Marmoleum website
  • Choose size to suit counters that you are ordering
  • Must be ordered with a counter - not available as a retro-fit option 
This 3mm thick floor covering is often used on post office counters and is warm, tactile and hard-wearing. It is environmentally friendly as it is made from 97% natural ingredients such as linseed oil, wood & paper pulp. It is coloured all the way through so surface scratches do not show up. Tough enough for trade counters, glamorous enough for department stores, it makes a great writing surface as it yields slightly under pressure
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